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  Vídeo: Old growth forest. Shelter of biodiversity






Old-growth forests: characteristics and conservation value

This document provides an exhaustive review of the scientific state of the art on forest maturity and its different meanings, and synthesizes the most significant and observable characteristics of old-growth stands. These include the existence of very old trees, gaps in the canopy that allows the regeneration of shade tolerant species, significant amounts of dead wood – both standing and in the soil - , a clear vertical diversification, and the absence of anthropic interventions.



Mature Forests. Frequently asked questions

This document offers a compilation of the questions most commonly asked regarding forest maturity, by professionals and the general public alike. these questions are arranged by subject, and the answers are based on scientific literature and the contributions of a large group of experienced subject-matter experts.




Fact sheet of LIFE RedBosques project.

It summarizes the project’s main goals and actions and explains how several stakeholder groups can participate in the project. The project’s fact sheet is available in Spanish and English versions.





Noticeboard of LIFE RedBosques project.

It provides a summary of the project. Copies of the noticeboard are currently visible in all venues where project’s actions are being developed (Spanish).




Poster: What is an old-growth forest? (English) 

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