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Demonstrative actions in Habitats of European Interest in Natura 2000

Forest management demonstrative actions with conservation and climate change adaptation goals are being executed in Els Ports Natural Park (starting in 2017). These actions are developed in three different estates and are aimed to develop forest planning with conservation goals and to execute different habitat improvements.

This action consists of 3 phases:

Phase I: Development of forest management plans
The elaboration of the management plans by the company BIOMA FORESTAL has been completed in the Clots Vall Figuera and Millers estates, and by de company ECAFIR SL in the case of the Port d'Arnes Reserve. Once drafted, the projects have been sent to the Center de la Propietat Forestal de Catalunya for formal approval which is expected in the first quarter of 2019.

Phase II: Design and execution of pilot actions for habitat improvement
Once the management plans of three pilot estates in the Parc Natural dels Ports were drawn up, management activities (silvicultural treatments) aimed at the recovery of open habitats and promote maturity attributes in stands of Pinus nigra and Pinus sylvestris have been developed in these estates.

 Phase III: Monitoring
-    Evaluation of the effect of the actions for the maintenance and recovery of open spaces and of silvicultural actions to improve maturity: During the months of May and June 2018 the first planned sampling campaign was carried out (before the interventions).
-    Improvement of maturity.  Previous sampling has been carried out in 45 plots in the three estates (15 plots x 3 estates).

Lunes, 4 Febrero, 2019

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